Triathlon Schedule

Triathlon Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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Triathlon is a game which requires strength, fitness and also strategy. It is game where people need to expertise their skills on multiple sports. Triathlon is a game where performers perform swimming, cycling and running together. This game was first played in the early 1990s to be exact it was first played in the year 1920. This game includes both male and female but they need to compete separately. It can barely be declared as the quickest competition of testing the fitness of players because it is a sport which has swimming, cycling and running all of the together. Triathlon has been present in the Olympics since the year 2000, so it is obviously a new sport which is honored really much for the multiple skills the participants of this game consists. This year the triathlon match will be containing three remarkably wonderful components, at first a swim of 0.93mi, then a cycling of 43 kilo meters and at-last a 10 kilo meter run.


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Participants in the Rio Games:
There will be 55 participants from the male sectors and 55 participants from the female sector, it is also mentioned that only three triathletes can take part from a single nation. The participants this year are definitely going to make a storm in the place as it is a very practiced sport this for this year’s main event; The Rio Games.
Triathletes are obviously one of the most honored sportsmen as they are performing three games in a single sport, they’re being honored for their very unique quality and also their quality of making the strategies to use their energy on throughout the whole match. The matches of the triathlon will obviously be heart-warming as there are a huge amount of audience at this moment for this game.

A Small Conclusion:
This game is one of the most honored games there are in the Olympics. This year the preparation about this game is quite good as there are going to be 110 participants in total. The audience of this game is certainly going to get a remarkable experience and also an astounding time of entertainment by watching this game in the Rio Games



Sports Date Medal
Triathlon 18-08-2016 YES
Triathlon 20-08-2016 YES

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