Trampoline Gymnastics Schedule

Trampoline Gymnastics Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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Trampoline Gymnastic is definitely among the most famous Gymnastics there are. On this game the gymnasts happen to show their acrobatic skills by making a bounce in the trampolines. To perform this game people obviously need really good fitness. This is a game which contains fitness, strength and also strategy. Trampoline Gymnastic has been a part of the Olympics since the year 2000, so we can say that it is a new sport in the Olympic compared to the other sports there are. By even being a new sport it has obviously grasped the minds of the audience of Olympic.


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This year there are going to be 16 players from the men’s event and 16 players from the women’s event. From the women’s sector there are 13 countries participating in this very unique game and from the men’s sector there are 14 countries participating. This game really plays a big role in the gymnastic sector as there are in total 32 players combining male and female sectors and even a tons of countries if we conclude the thing by making a total. From the World Championships 8 players were selected and it is also mentioned that in maximum there are going to be 2 players from each nation. In the other hand from the Olympic Test Event 7 players were selected, a single player from each nation and there was a Brazilian player who reserved his place as Rio Games is being hosted in Brazil. The Women’s sector slightly had the same rule of selection, from the World Championship they selected 8 players and from the Olympic Test Event they selected the top 8. The selection of this year totally concludes an astounding perception about Rio Games this year which is just wonderful.
Trampoline Gymnastic is new to the Olympics but it is a very prestigious sport and is respected by most of the sportsmen because of the skills the gymnasts of this game have. There are a lot of die-hard fans of this game who are going to fulfil their long awaited desire.


Sports Date Medal
Trampoline Gymnastics 12-08-2016 YES
Trampoline Gymnastics 13-08-2016 YES

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