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Taekwondo Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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Taekwondo; also known as TKD, is a martial art which was formed in Korea. It is a Korean martial art which came to the light in the middle of 1990, between the decade of 1940 to 1950. It was developed with the help of different Korean martial artists who were really astounding at the work they used to do. Taekwondo is game where you need a very sharp brain, strength and also tactful strategies. This game mostly focusses on the striking and kicking. Well, this game has been present in the Olympics since the year 2000, so it can be said that it is kinda new to the Olympic compared to the other games.


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This year there are 4 sectors for the participants of this game. 0-58 Kg is the first sector, 0-68 Kg is the second sector,0-80 Kg is the third sector and there is another sector for the participants who are more than 80 Kilo Grams. The division of the sectors are for the men and the women both. Each sector is going to contain 16 participants which concludes by making a total of 128 players in the total amount. In the other hand we can say that there are 63 countries participating this year which is just magnificent for this game as it is a new game in the Olympic. The way they sectored in the Olympic this year is really a very wise decision and is appreciated by the audience.

It is also mentioned that 4 players from Brazil has already reserved a place in the Olympics as they are hosting the whole event this year. There are exactly 120 places which are remained and is meant to be taken by the other players who happen to play this magnificently unique sport.

The preparation for this game is appreciably good as it is a new game in the Olympics. The preparations of the players of this game are also astounding this year. Hopefully the audience are going to be extremely happy with the skill showing of the players.


Sports Date Medal
Taekwondo 17-08-2016 YES
Taekwondo 18-08-2016 YES
Taekwondo 19-08-2016 YES
Taekwondo 20-08-2016 YES

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