Table Tennis Schedule

Table Tennis Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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Table tennis is widely known as Ping-Pong in a lot of places, especially in  the United States of America. This is a sport which is totally based on how good the players can focus on the game. 2 or 4 players can play this game at a single time; when 2 players are playing it refers the individual matches and when there are 4 players together it refers the team matches. 1926 was the year when table tennis was officially established as a sport. Table Tennis has been present in the Olympics since the year 1988 and still is a very recognized sport in the Olympics!

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Including men and women there are going to be 172 players this year which is just astounding. There are going to be 56 nations participating in the other hand. If we divide the 172 players by sectoring them into men and women, then there are going to be 70 participants in the individual men’s sector, 16 teams in the team sector of men. Women are also divided in the same ratio as men are. There are going to be 70 participants in the individual women’s sector and also 16 teams in the team sector of women.
It is also mentioned officially that the top 22 players from the male sector and also the female sector are going to be qualified in the single matches of this very prestigious tournament which can also be said as the greatest show of this year! In total 40 players are going to be awarded which is just astonishing for a lot audience who are die-hard fans of this very reputable and unique sport of this world. The preparation this year for Table Tennis/Ping Pong is really astounding and no fans of this event are going to miss the table tennis matches.

Olympic has always been there to touch the hearts of every sports-lover. Ping-Pong is really one of the most well-arranged games in the Olympic. And people are obviously waiting for seeing the tactful skills and the strengths of the participants this year.


Sports Date Medal
Table Tennis 06-08-2016 NO
Table Tennis 07-08-2016 NO
Table Tennis 08-08-2016 NO
Table Tennis 09-08-2016 NO
Table Tennis 10-08-2016 YES
Table Tennis 11-08-2016 YES
Table Tennis 12-08-2016 NO
Table Tennis 13-08-2016 NO
Table Tennis 14-08-2016 NO
Table Tennis 15-08-2016 NO
Table Tennis 16-08-2016 YES
Table Tennis 17-08-2016 YES

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