Synchronised Swimming Schedule

Synchronised Swimming Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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One of the most aesthetic sport events of the history of Olympics is Synchronized Swimming. This one is actually a pool based gymnastic type sporting event. This artistic event has been enlisted in the Olympics since 1984, and as like the previous years’ editions, in this running year, Synchronized swimming will also be a segment of the RIO OLYMPIC 2016. This event is scheduled to be taken place from 15th August to 20th August of this year. Enjoy directly from your home Rio Olympic 2016 Live Stream.

The venue for this sport segment has been finalized to be the Maria Lenk Aquatic Center which is located in Barra da Tijuca, closer to Rio de Janeiro.

This event is solely a women’s segment and it is expected that 104 female competitors will compete in this battle. These performers are set to participate in the main event from 26 different nations of the globe.

The segment will be held in two different medal events. These different events are women’s duet and women’s team competition. So the competition will be for the 6 medals in these two different divisions of the competition.

Format Criteria
Synchronized swimming is a special format of gymnastic. The participants will perform in different physical move on and also under the water with the musical soundtrack. The judges will give the performers marks according to their overall aesthetic performance and team work as well. After each session of technical routine and free routine, the final will take place in the division of women’s duet battle and women’s team competition.

Qualification Round
Participants need to be qualified for the final stage from the different NOC countries. From the different five continents, the best ranked NOC countries in the ranking will be selected for the final competition. Brazil will not be counted in this list as they will get a direct through to the competition as being the host of the Olympic 2016.

In 2012 London Olympic 100 athletes from 24 different countries participated in this event and Russia were the most successful team as they conquered two gold medals of each division. The other four medals were distributed equally to Spain and China.
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Sports Date Medal
Synchronised  Swimming 14-08-2016 NO
Synchronised  Swimming 15-08-2016 NO
Synchronised  Swimming 16-08-2016 YES
Synchronised  Swimming 18-08-2016 NO
Synchronised  Swimming 19-08-2016 YES

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