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Swimming Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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We have just a couple of months to go for the most traditional and prestigious multi-sports event on the planet RIO OLYMPIC 2016 to be commenced. The whole world is going to be prepared themselves for the exciting battles of this tournament. Swimming is another one of the most thrilling competitions of this festive event. This year, swimming competition is also drawing the attentions of the sports lover from all the corners of the world.
This year, the venue for the competition is set to be Olympic Aquatics Stadium, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. This one is for the pool action. For the open water performance, the selected venue is Fort Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.
The program is scheduled to be started from the very early stage of the Olympic. It is going to be commenced from the 6th August and set to be finished by 13th August. The function of open water will be held for 2 days- 15th and 16th August.

The contestants will compete in different three categories. They will be individual events, relay competition and open water swimming.

The competitors (both the male and female) will battle in different 34 events in this competition. These events will also include 10 kilometer’s open water swimming competition, named as the marathon. The different styles of swimming competitions are freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, individual medley, relays and marathon.

Men’s and women’s events
The available men’s and women’s events are:
5o meter free style.
100 meter free style.
200 meter free style.
400 meter free style.
800 meter free style (only for women).
1500 meter free style (only for men).
100 meter backstroke.
200 meter backstroke.
100 meter butterfly.
200 meter butterfly.
200 meter individual medley.
400 meter individual medley.
4×100 meter free style medley.
4×200 meter free style medley.
4×100 meter medley relay.
10 kilo meter marathon.
Qualification criteria
Each National Olympic Committee (NOC) has the permission to include 2 qualified athletes for the competition of each and individual event, but they need to achieve the Olympic Qualifying Time (OQT). Brazil will get the direct through to the battle being as the host country.

The United States dominate the medal list as their athletes earn 31 medals including the 16 gold ones. The next spots were held by China, France, Netherlands, South Africa, etc. Michael Phelps achieved 6 medals in that Olympic event. This man might also be a crucial man in this competition this year.



Sports Date Medal
Swimming 06-08-2016 YES
Swimming 07-08-2016 YES
Swimming 08-08-2016 YES
Swimming 09-08-2016 YES
Swimming 10-08-2016 YES
Swimming 11-08-2016 YES
Swimming 12-08-2016 YES
Swimming 13-08-2016 YES

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