Sailing Schedule

Sailing Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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Among the 28 sports segments of RIO OLYMPIC 2016 which is scheduled to be held from 6th August of 2016, Sailing is one of the most celebrated events of the Olympic history. This event will last for 11 days. Some changes have been included this time from the previous editions as the keelboat events of the Men and Women competitors have been eliminated and they have been replaced by multi-hulls and women’s skiff. It is hoped that the inclusion of these newly segments will add more excitement and enthusiasm among the competitors, and the viewers as well.

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Marina da Gloria has been selected as the officially scheduled venue for all of these events which is closer to Guanabara Bay.

The overall duration of this exciting sport event is for 11 days, starting from 8th August and closing at 18th August.

Overall 10 events have been included in the list of this event. 5 of them are for the Men’s and 4 of them are for the women competitors’. The rest one event will be the mixed event. The events that are for the men’s are Men’s RS: X, Laser, Finn, 49er and Men’s 470. The women participants will take on all of these events except the Finn. The Mixed event will be Narca 17.

Continental qualification events were carried out for the qualification purposes of this mega event. The competitors were also qualified for this event from the different Championship tournaments carried out all over the last couple of years. The qualification of this event has been finalized and all the athletes are set for the final competition.

About 380 athletes (men and women) are set to participate in this event of Olympic.

Previous Record
In 2012 London Olympic, 380 athletes from 63 different countries took part in the events like this year’s. In the Medal tables, Australia had their domination as their athletes earned 4 medals including 3 gold ones. The next two spots were adorned by Spain and the Great Britain. These three nations are still considered to be the top favorite competitors of this year’s Olympic version as well.


Sports Date Medal
Sailing 08-08-2016 NO
Sailing 09-08-2016 NO
Sailing 10-08-2016 NO
Sailing 11-08-2016 NO
Sailing 12-08-2016 NO
Sailing 13-08-2016 NO
Sailing 14-08-2016 YES
Sailing 15-08-2016 YES
Sailing 16-08-2016 YES
Sailing 17-08-2016 YES
Sailing 18-08-2016 YES

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