Rugby Sevens Schedule

Rugby Sevens Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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Rugby sevens is a sport event which is administered by world rugby and also known as seven a side rugby game. In this game seven players are played in each side instead of 15 players in normal rugby game. This game is popular worldwide and originated at 1880’s which is still played annually.


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Rugby sevens is endorsed by World Rugby, and is played under significantly the same laws and on a field of the same measurements as the 15-player diversion. While a customary rugby union match keeps going no less than 80 minutes, an ordinary sevens match comprises of two parts of seven minutes with a two-minute half-time break. The last of an opposition can be played more than two parts of ten minutes each, with a half-time break of two minutes.
Sevens scores are for the most part practically identical to standard rugby scores; scoring happens a great deal all the more much of the time in sevens, since the protectors are more separated out. The rules of playing sevens are followed by the rugby unions as those are stated in the official law book. The measurement of the fields must be 100 meters long and 70 meters wide with a regular rugby goal post. There must be four backs or defenders and three forwards which are difficult to cover the all space as compare to 15 player rugby game. Every team can have five substitutes and three player scrums. There will be two minutes half time and the match will be forwarded to the sudden death if the match is drawn in normal time span of play. Moreover the conversation time after scoring is limited to 30 seconds which was 60 seconds earlier.
The rugby sevens will make debut in summer Olympic 2016 for both men and women. The global structure of rugby union concerning Great Britain and Ireland is like that of affiliation football, yet with its own particular special components. In football, the four Home Nations inside the United Kingdom all field separate national groups, which prompted a discussion over how to handle a consolidated Great Britain football group at the 2012 Olympics.


Sports Date Medal
Rugby Sevens 06-08-2016 NO
Rugby Sevens 07-08-2016 NO
Rugby Sevens 08-08-2016 YES
Rugby Sevens 09-08-2016 NO
Rugby Sevens 10-08-2016 NO
Rugby Sevens 11-08-2016 YES

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