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Rowing Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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Rio Olympic is presenting one of the most exciting games called Rowing or boat rowing.  This event of sport was originated from the past Egyptian times and it was mainly based upon the force to propel a boat. This competition is happened among a number of competitors by using their force to propel their boat as fast as they can. This is not only a recreational event but also it focuses on the technique of rowing boat fast. The modern form of this competition was introduced in 18th century by forming many boat clubs. It is considered as the oldest form of sport in Olympic.

The competitors usually sit on the boat by facing towards the stern to row boats efficiently. They use oars which are strictly attached with the oarlocks to make the boat run forward with high speed. More the athletes row synchronously the boat earns great velocity. They have to row in a rhythm to propel the boat in lake, canal, river or any other huge water surface. The athletes should have perfect core balance and great physical strength to row.

Rowing can be classified as sweep and sculling. In case of sweep or sweep oar, every athlete holds single oar and grab the oar with both hands. IN the sculling technique every athlete has two schulls to make the boat turn either portside or starboard. The determination of champion is pretty simple as other racing games. There is a starting point and finishing point on the water body. Those who cross the finishing line first, will be the winner.

In summer Olympic, rowing competition has been introduced first in 1900. At first only the men were allowed to participate and at women made their debut entry at 1976. There are 14 different events are arranged in Olympics which are further categorized under Men, Lightweight men, Women and Light weight women. The distance between start and finish point are set more than 2000 meters.

The world will see an amazing competition of rowing in Rio Olympic 2016 live streaming both in men and women category.



Sports Date Medal
Rowing 06-08-2016 NO
Rowing 07-08-2016 NO
Rowing 08-08-2016 NO
Rowing 09-08-2016 NO
Rowing 10-08-2016 YES
Rowing 11-08-2016 YES
Rowing 12-08-2016 YES
Rowing 13-08-2016 YES

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