Rhythmic Gymnastics Schedule

Rhythmic Gymnastics Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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Rhythmic Gymnastics is verse in movement—utilizing our bodies’ to their fullest degree, musical aerobatic joins athletic and creative expertise into a control that requires the most extreme in physical capacity and mental fixation. A balance of testing and hypnotizing, musical vaulting is a game that joins components of tumbling and move consistently into an execution that characterizes order.

In rhythmic gymnastics, a group of 5 or more or single person performs with different props to amaze the judges with music. There are different props or elements like ribbon, hoop, balls, clubs or free hand are used to perform. The performances can be categorized as gymnastics, ballet or dance using different materials. These manipulations of materials and art of representation is judged by a group of people on the basis of the athletes’ props handling, manipulation and balance. This sport needs higher degree of physical abilities like flexibility, power, and physical coordination.

Rhythmic gymnastics is not just a form of competition of sport it is more than a sport which involves expression and representation of oneself. This type of gymnastics was first introduced 20th century and grabs a fatal attraction in Olympics.  There are some code of points has been set by the FIG (Federation Internationale de Gymnastique) to judge the performance of the participants. These codes are based upon the rhythmic representation of body and apparatus used. The gymnastics has been integrated with summer Olympics from 1896. At first only men were allowed to participate in this type of competition and from 1928 women were included to perform in the Olympics. Though the gymnastics were involved at the beginning of Olympic but the rhythmic gymnastics was first introduced at 1984 summer Olympics.

This event is considered as the most spectacular show in any competition. The grace and beauty of this sport attracts people to be amazed by the competitors’ physical appearance, apparatus handling, balance and representation of art. This sport is usually practiced in group or individually. There can be same apparatus or different apparatus among the group members. The world is eagerly waiting for this prestigious and beautiful competition which will be held in Rio Olympic 2016.


Sports Date Medal
Rhythmic Gymnastics 19-08-2016 NO
Rhythmic Gymnastics 20-08-2016 YES
Rhythmic Gymnastics 21-08-2016 YES

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