Modern Pentathlon Schedule

Modern Pentathlon Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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Modern Pentathlon is one of the most traditional Olympic sport event which compromises five different events and these events are epee fencing, swimming (200 meter freestyle), horse riding (also known as show jumping), pistol shooting and finally this multi event sport program ends with a 3.2 km long cross country running. The last two events are combined as the competitors take on four round of pistol shooting after every 800 meter running. Like all other editions of Olympic history, this year modern pentathlon is also included in the 31st edition of Olympic, RIO OLYMPIC 2016. Watch your athlete playing in Rio Olympic 2016 Live Streaming.

This event is scheduled to be on the pitch from 19th August to 20th August of this year of Olympic and three different venues have been selected for this event. For the convenience of the performers, initially it was proposed to host all these events at a fixed arena. But, this proposal wasn’t granted finally. But the venues are just only 300 meters apart from each other. These official venues are Deodoro Stadium, Deodoro Aquatics Center and Youth Arena.

In total, 72 participants are going to compete in this event. Among them, each of the 36 competitors will compete in the men and women segment of this sport event.

Being the host country, Brazil secured two places in the competition, each in the men’s and women’s segments. The other 70 spots were allocated by the UIPM as par their rules. 40 athletes were qualified from the different five continents. The other competitors had been offered their spots in the final competition for either their top rankings or being the winner of the global championships and cup. Maximum number of pentathletes from each NOC is just four.

This event has a relatively smaller medal counts. Just only 6 medals will be rewarded to the winner of two different men’s and women’s divisions.

In 2012 London Olympic, 72 participants performed in the final stage like this year. The winning nations of the battle of 6 medals were Czech Republic, China and Hungary in the men’s division. The other three nations were Lithuania, the Great Britain and Brazil in the women’s division.
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Sports Date Medal
Modern Pentathlon 18-08-2016 NO
Modern Pentathlon 19-08-2016 YES
Modern Pentathlon 20-08-2016 YES

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