Judo Schedule - RIO Olympics 2016

Judo Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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Judo is a martial art which was born in japan and nowadays it is known as a famous game in Olympic. Professor Jigoro Kano was born in Kikage near Kobe in 28th October 1860 developed judo. By combining jujitsu he formed judo. In 1964 judo was recognized as an Olympic event in Tokyo. International Judo Federation maintains the rules of judo. Currently 184 countries and regions are members of this organization. It is one of the most famous games in Olympic. There is a traditional dress named judogi for judo and a belt must be worn with traditional knot. Judogi consists of a joi (judo top), shitabaki (judo pants), and obi (belt). The participants are called by judoka. One ware white jodugi and another ware blue judogi. But white judogi is used traditionally. IJF is decided to use blue one in 1997 and the blue judogi is first used in Sydney Olympic. Two colors make easy to distinguish two participants. Judo matches are fought between two participants. The matches take place on a square mat known as tatami   measuring 14m x 14m, with a smaller 10m x 10m contest area marked within. The objective of judo is to bate your opponent and win the match with honor. Scores are awarded for various techniques. The highest is ippon. Throw your opponent as his back is completely touched with mat and win the match immediately like knockout. Another way to win the match is to make your opponent to say “Maitta!” (I give up) or tapping their hand twice on the mat. Participants can earn points by efficient attacks. The attacks or moves can be wazaari, yuko or koka. Two wazaari are equal to ippon.  Holding your opponent against the mat about 25 seconds also count as ippon. On the other hand 20 seconds count as wazaari, 15 seconds count as yuko and 10 seconds count as koka. Points can be gain by good moves and one can disqualify for using illegal and dangerous moves. There are some serious moves i.e. shido, chui and keikoku. After applying these moves players are informed to play properly. After the end the winner is found by highest point.


Sports Date Medal
Judo 06-08-2016 YES
Judo 07-08-2016 YES
Judo 08-08-2016 YES
Judo 09-08-2016 YES
Judo 10-08-2016 YES
Judo 11-08-2016 YES
Judo 12-08-2016 YES

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