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Hockey Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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In Olympic, Hockey was first introduced at 1908. On that first season, gold medalist was Great Britain (England) and silver medalist was also Great Britain (Ireland). After that, Hockey became one of the most attractive events in Olympic. But unfortunately 1912 and 1924 this event was excluded.
The record of field Hockey for men, India is ahead in terms of winning the gold medal. They have won 8 times in Olympics Hockey history. But in the case of total medal winning, Netherlands is far ahead than any other nations. Netherlands won 16 medals in Olympics Hockey history. In these 16 medals, 5 are gold, 5 are silver and 6 are bronze. The close competitor is Australia. The Australian have won 12 medals.
Previous Olympic was organized by England in London. On that event 12 nation were played for the gold medal. The gold medalist was Germany and silver medalist was Netherlands. The final match was taken place at Riverbank Arena. Germany defeat Netherlands by 2 – 1 goal and the bronze medalist was Australia. By defeating Great Britain 3 – 1 Australia won the bronze medal. The top scorer in that Olympics was Mink van der Weerden and he scored 8 goals.
In this season, Rio Olympics 2016 12 nations will fight for the gold medal. These 12 nations are divided into two group.
In Group A:  Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, New Zealand, Spain
In this group is easy for Australia to qualify for the quarter-final. As the Australians are in great form. The Australians are standing on the 1st position in world ranking 2016. After Australia, it will be Great Britain then Belgium and New Zealand. So it is clear that from group A anyone can predict that who will go for the quarter final.
In Group B: Argentina, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Netherlands
Group B might be the group of death. In this group Germany and Netherlands were the top performing nations in last Olympics. Alongside Argentina, India, Ireland and Canada from these four only goes 2 nation will be able to play for Quarter final.
From the statistics of 2016, Australia and Netherlands will play for a gold medal and England and Belgium/ Argentina will play for a bronze medal.
So, wait for the event starting.


Sports Date Medal
Hockey 06-08-2016 NO
Hockey 07-08-2016 NO
Hockey 08-08-2016 NO
Hockey 09-08-2016 NO
Hockey 10-08-2016 NO
Hockey 11-08-2016 NO
Hockey 12-08-2016 NO
Hockey 13-08-2016 NO
Hockey 14-08-2016 NO
Hockey 15-08-2016 NO
Hockey 16-08-2016 NO
Hockey 17-08-2016 NO
Hockey 18-08-2016 YES
Hockey 19-08-2016 YES

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