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Golf Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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Golf is one of the most popular games in the Rio Olympic. Hitting a ball with club from the ground into the hole is called golf. In the Netherland golf was played by the name of “colf” or “kolven”. But the modern golf was established at Scotland in 15 century. Golf was played in the Olympic in two times. 1st in 1994 at the Paris Olympic,  where participated twenty two participants and Margaret Abbot (USA) and Charles Sands (USA) were the champions. Secondly in 1904 in St Louis and George Lyon (Canada) won the individual event. In October 2009 at the 121st IOC Session the members voted for the adding golf in the Olympic. After 100 years golf will be played in the Rio Olympic, 2016 so it is going to be the best attraction of the Olympic.
The OIC restricted the qualification system based on world ranking those 60 players of each man’s and woman’s team can participate. The IGF selects top 15 players by world ranking. Two or more eligible players can be from one country. The IGF maintains that at least one player will eligible from host country and others countries.
In this year, both the men’s and women’s competition will held in the Olympic. There are two formats of golf stoke play and game play. The players need to complete 18 holes four times with the fewest shots. Match play is played in duel format. Players who make the highest holes win the game.
There are three types of shorts they are chip, drive and hole-in-one. Pop the ball up into the air from ground is called chip. It is a short shot and used open faced club. Drive is the energetic shot with a wooden club and the straight shot to put the ball into the hole is known as hole-in-one. After the end the winners are rewarded by gold, silver and bronze medals.


Sports Date Medal
Golf 11-08-2016 NO
Golf 12-08-2016 NO
Golf 13-08-2016 NO
Golf 14-08-2016 YES
Golf 17-08-2016 NO
Golf 18-08-2016 NO
Golf 19-08-2016 NO
Golf 20-08-2016 YES

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