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Fencing Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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There are always 2 competitor on the sport called, “Fencing.” It is about the skill of the participants which they have on using swords; swordsmanship. It is often said that this sport of unique skills was started in the late 19th century and was really a gigantic sport invention. The swordsmen of this game do have a lot of rules and they also need to wear a very protective clothing for the defense they need to do while competing with different participants. This game is also present in the world’s greatest sports event, which is also known as the Olympics.

Fencing in Rio Games:
Fencing has been present in the Olympics since 1896 and is really reputable ‘till now. This year there will be 47 nations participating and will be having 212 participant including men and women. It is also declared that from men’s individual épée there are going to be 38 participants whereas from men’s team épée there are going to be 9 teams. In the other side there are the foil matches, well, from the men’s individual foil there are going to be 35 participants in total and from men’s team foil, people will be seeing 8 teams. There are often going to be sabre matches and on those matches there are going be 32 participants from the men’s sector!
Heading to the women’s sector, there are going to be 37 participants from women’s épée individual and 9 participants from the épée of team. There are going to be foil matches as-well where there are going to be 34 tactful participants. In the other hand there are sabre matches for the women, well there will be 36 participants in the individuals and 8 wonderful teams in the sector of team sabre which is just wonderful.

Preparations of This Game in The Olympic:
Fencing has always been a very prestigious sport in the realm of Olympic games and day by day this game is gradually getting much more popular. There are going to be 212 competitors on this game this year which totally tells people about this year’s preparation on fencing!


Sports Date Medal
Fencing 06-08-2016 YES
Fencing 07-08-2016 YES
Fencing 08-08-2016 YES
Fencing 09-08-2016 YES
Fencing 10-08-2016 YES
Fencing 11-08-2016 YES
Fencing 12-08-2016 YES
Fencing 13-08-2016 YES
Fencing 14-08-2016 YES

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