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Equestrian Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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Rio Olympics 2016 live stream is available for enjoying the game Equestrian which is one of the most prestigious sports of Summer Olympics. It was launched for the first time in 1900. Since then some years it didn’t showed off. But from 1912 it started again. It is the game where horse riders take participations along with their horses. Both men and women participate in this game. All of them fight against their equal opponents.
In this game both the rider and horse are considered as athletes. Points are allotted between them. Both individual and team performance are happened. They got medals for their hard working performance. It’s a game not only of hard work but also of talent showing. Both the rider and horse are trained well to show their best afford toward the viewers.
Three disciplines are performed in this game. One is Dressage, which performed through flat moving. No jumping is done in this discipline for the horse. Both military and non-military riders and horses are allowed to participate.
Eventing is another discipline for the game of Equestrian. In this session only military riders and horses participate all along. Military participants show their performance along with their horses inside the fences and arrangements.
The final discipline is Jumping. At the very beginning, military horses were not allowed to perform in this discipline. But now, all can participate regularly. At that time, fences were so natural and not so technical. But today, colored fences are used around and they are technically good to make the game sound.
Rio Olympics this year will be the witness of live performance of Equestrian. Prestigious game for the elite people of the world. So, make your time enjoyable.
Rio Summer Olympics 2016 live stream is now available online for making your time enjoyable and excited. Watch and show your excitement for your favorite riders and horses.


Sports Date Medal
Equestrian 06-08-2016 NO
Equestrian 07-08-2016 NO
Equestrian 08-08-2016 NO
Equestrian 09-08-2016 YES
Equestrian 10-08-2016 NO
Equestrian 11-08-2016 NO
Equestrian 12-08-2016 YES
Equestrian 14-08-2016 NO
Equestrian 15-08-2016 YES
Equestrian 16-08-2016 NO
Equestrian 17-08-2016 YES
Equestrian 19-08-2016 YES

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