Cycling Track Schedule - RIO Olympics 2016

Cycling Track Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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2016 SUMMER OLYMPICS is on its way which is set to be the 31st edition of this most prestigious sporting event and is scheduled to be set off from 5th of August. This edition is set to be planned for 306 different events of 42 different sports. Today we will focus on one of the thrilling competitions of RIO OLYMPICS 2016 and one of the oldest competitions of the Olympics history cycling.


The overall duration of cycling competition will be from 6th August to 21st August.


This competition has been categorized into four and the list of them includes BMX, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling and Sprint.


Eighteen events are scheduled to be on the pitch of this cycling competition in 16 days duration. The list of the overall events of this sport is the following:


The competitors from different countries will battle for 54 medals of all the events of cycling. Each of the 18 medals will be categorized as gold, silver and bronzes.


Four venues have been selected for all the events of cycling in this edition of Olympics. The list of these venues along with the scheduled categories is like the following:

Venue                                                                            Sports Category

Mountain Bike Centre                                                 Mountain Biking
Olympic BMX Centre                                                  BMX
Fort Copacabana                                                          Road Cycling
Rio Olympic Velodrome                                              Sprint

Brazil being the host country got the qualification of this event. Apart from Brazil, other 74 countries also received their qualification for this competition. 519 riders from these 75 NOCs are expected to compete in the final competition of cycling.

2012 Olympics Records

In the 2012 Olympic, around 500 competitors from 74 nations participated in eighteen different events. Among them, the Great Britain was the most successful one as they got 12 medals including 8 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze ones. Germany and France got the next two spots in that competition.


Cycling BMX Schedule

Sports Date Medal
Cycling BMX 17-08-2016 NO
Cycling BMX 18-08-2016 NO
Cycling BMX 19-08-2016 YES

Cycling Mountain Bike Schedule

Sports Date Medal
Cycling Mountain Bike 20-08-2016 YES
Cycling Mountain Bike 21-08-2016 YES

Cycling Road Schedule

Sports Date Medal
Cycling Road 06-08-2016 YES
Cycling Road 07-08-2016 YES
Cycling Road 10-08-2016 YES

Cycling Track Schedule

Sports Date Medal
Cycling Track 11-08-2016 YES
Cycling Track 12-08-2016 YES
Cycling Track 13-08-2016 YES
Cycling Track 14-08-2016 YES
Cycling Track 15-08-2016 YES
Cycling Track 16-08-2016 YES

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