Canoe Slalom/Sprint Schedule

Canoe Slalom/Sprint Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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There are just only couple of months to hit the 31st edition of the “Greatest Show on Earth”, RIO Summer Olympics 2016. This historic event of multi-sports event has total 306 events of about 42 different sports in this year’s edition. Canoeing is one of those exciting sporting events.


The Canoeing is scheduled to be held in two disciplines like the previous years’ Olympic editions. One of them is the Slalom which is scheduled to be lasted from 7th to 11th August. The other phase will be the Sprint which is set to be held from 15th to 20th of August.


The scheduled venues for the two disciplines of canoeing are the Olympic Whitewater Stadium (for the Slalom) and the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas (for the Sprint).
Events & Competitors
16 different events have been set for this sport and about 274 numbers of the competitors are going to compete in those events. Competitors are from about 54 different countries of the world. The competitors and competing countries have been elected by International Canoe Federation, about 2 years ago on August of 2014. These events are categorized for the men and women competitors differently. International Canoe Federation has decided to enlist the following events so far for Rio 2016 Olympics:


The competitors will battle for the 48 medals of 16 events which include 16 Gold medals, 16 Silver medals and 16 of the Bronze ones.
Previous Olympics Records
In the previous edition of Olympics on 2012, this competition had the similar format like this year’s edition including 16 similar events. Germany and Hungary led the table as both the team secured 3 gold medals in this competition. Germany gained total of 8 medals including 2 silvers and 3 bronzes, whereas the Hungarian competitors had been to able 6 medals in total. Germany and Hungary are also being considered as the top favorite in this year along with the other competing countries like the Great Britain, Australia, France, etc.


Canoe Slalom Schedule


Sports Date Medal
Canoe Slalom 07-08-2016 NO
Canoe Slalom 08-08-2016 NO
Canoe Slalom 09-08-2016 YES
Canoe Slalom 10-08-2016 YES
Canoe Slalom 11-08-2016 YES


Canoe Sprint Schedule

Sports Date Medal
Canoe Sprint 15-08-2016 NO
Canoe Sprint 16-08-2016 YES
Canoe Sprint 17-08-2016 NO
Canoe Sprint 18-08-2016 YES
Canoe Sprint 19-08-2016 NO
Canoe Sprint 20-08-2016 YES

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