Beach Volleyball Schedule

Beach Volleyball Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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Just one more month is left for the greatest and the most prestigious multi-event competition of the world, RIO OLYMPIC 2016. Among the 28 sports segments of this year’s Olympic edition that is scheduled to be held in Brazil, beach volleyball is one of the segments, and it is set to be on the pitch from 6th of August, 2016 and will be lasted at 21st August. In the history of Summer Olympic, the first time beach volleyball was included the year of 1996, in Atlanta Summer Olympics. From that time, this event has been being performed very successfully, and is expected to be taken on in this year’s edition as well. About 48 beach volleyball teams are going to participate in this grandest stage.

The beach volleyball competition in RIO OLYMPIC 2016 is going to be taken place in the beach of Copacabana, which is located in the prime city of RIO OLYMPIC 2016, Rio de Janeiro, at the side of the Atlantic shore.

Game Criteria
In this sporting event, two players will participate in each of the team. There will be a sand court and it will be divided in two halves by a net. Players of each team will try to hit the volleyball on the opponent’s court. There will be three sets to be played. The overall points to win the first two sets are 21 while the final tie-breaker set needs to be played for 15 points. The winners of the first two sets will be concluded as the winner.

Qualification Round
The qualification of this Olympic segment will be over by the month of July, 2016. 24 teams will be granted for the competition per each gender, two teams being kept for the Host nation. The international FIVB federation declared that the winners of the 2015 Netherlands World Championship will get their spots in the final event. 15 top ranked teams will directly go through the competition. Maximum two teams from each country are going to take their spots.

Medal Count
Three medals are going to be awarded to the winners of this segment from each division-both the male and female. Thus, the overall medal count of this segment is six.

In 2012 London Olympic, total 48 teams competed like the schedule of this year and the most successful teams were Brazil (with 4 medals), the USA (with 3 medals) and Russia & Germany took the third spot together with just one medal.



Sports Date Medal
Beach Volleyball 06-08-2016 NO
Beach Volleyball 07-08-2016 NO
Beach Volleyball 08-08-2016 NO
Beach Volleyball 09-08-2016 NO
Beach Volleyball 10-08-2016 NO
Beach Volleyball 11-08-2016 NO
Beach Volleyball 12-08-2016 NO
Beach Volleyball 13-08-2016 NO
Beach Volleyball 14-08-2016 NO
Beach Volleyball 15-08-2016 NO
Beach Volleyball 16-08-2016 NO
Beach Volleyball 17-08-2016 YES
Beach Volleyball 18-08-2016 YES

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