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Archery Schedule – RIO Olympics 2016

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The Olympics which is also recognized as the Rio 2016, is really the most gigantic multi sports event of the summer and also this year. There will be 207 nations participating and more than 8000 competitors are certainly going to be there, they have already affirmed the announcement. This year the Rio Games will be taking place in Brazil on 5th August.

Archery is undoubtedly an enormously big sport, which is played by using a bow and an arrow. This game was started before eons and it is still continued with an indubitably astounding entertainment. This sport is practiced all over the world and is an extremely prestigious sport. Hubert Van Innis of Belgium is a pretty tough competitor of this game who’ve won 6 gold medals and 3 silvers.

Preparations of this Year

There will 44 male Archers and 44 female Archers, in total there will be 82 players in this magnificent game on this year’s Rio Games. It is also mentioned that there will 41 countries participating which is just common, most of the times there are 41 countries to participate in this game. In the other hand there will be 9 teams in the female sector and 9 teams on the male sector as-well

The last Olympic took place in London it started on 27th July and made its conclusion on 3rd August. Well, there were 128 competitors of Archery. Oh Jin-hyek from South Korea won the Gold medal from the male sector and on other hand Ki Bo-Bae who is also from South Korea won the Gold medal from the female sector. Italy with the trio of Michele Frangilli, Marco Galiazzo and Mauro Nespoli won the Men’s team gold medal, as-well, in the other hand South Korea previously has even won the Gold medal of the Women’s team sector with the trio of the great Ki Bo-bae, Choi Hyeon-ju and Lee Sung-jin.

Over-all this year the arrangement of Archery is going to be very big and also prestigious, as there will be more than 80 players this year. Six players are already reserved from Brazil as they are the host this time.

A Short Conclusion
Archery is a game which require physical fitness and also an effort of the brain. This game is all about the skills on aiming and the strategies. There will really be wonderful skill-showing and astounding surprises in the tournament, as Archery is one of the most favorite games in the history of Olympics!


Sports Date Medal
Archery 05-08-2016 NO
Archery 06-08-2016 YES
Archery 07-08-2016 YES
Archery 08-08-2016 NO
Archery 09-08-2016 NO
Archery 10-08-2016 NO
Archery 11-08-2016 YES
Archery 12-08-2016 YES

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